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About Company

LLC JV "Uz-Meter Tech Co." was founded in January 2003 and specializes in the manufacture of automotive component parts. At present production capacity is over 1 400 000 units per year. The main purpose of the enterprise is - continuous improvement of production, customer satisfaction by supplying high quality products in the short term, development of new products and improving the efficiency of production processes.


Manufacturing and Machinery

Injection Molding

The production process is high-quality products made using automatic and standardized systems the entire process based on the best achievements of modern technology. Modern Thermoplastic leading manufacturers in the world, are the simplification of the casting process quality products.


  • TPA 130 tons. (Toshiba, Japan);
  • TPA 130 tons. (Woojin Plaimm, South Korea);
  • TPA 280 tons. (Woojin Selex, South Korea);
  • TPA 280 tons. (Woojin Plaimm, South Korea);
  • TPA 350 tons. (Toshiba, Japan);
  • TPA 380 tons. (Woojin Plaimm, South Korea);
  • TPA 480 tons. (Jinhwa Glotech, South Korea);
  • TPA 700 tons. (Woojin Selex, South Korea);
  • TPA 900 tons. (Woojin Selex, South Korea);
  • TPA 1100 tons.(Jinhwa Glotech, South Korea).


The process of painting is carried out on the belt joint line located in a special dyeing process is carried out on modern lines is located in a special place, protected from contamination and their factors. Conveyor complex dye line, equipped with 146 cartridges, air purification equipment and two robotic devices provide seamless and high-quality process of painting the plastic parts. Centralized control unit ensures comfort and simplifies the process of controlling and managing the painting line.

Painting line

  • Manufacturer: Daedo Engineering Co.,LTD.,
  • South Korea -Conveyor type: TR348 Floor Conveyor
  • Conveyor speed: 2m/min
  • Conveyor length: 200 m.

Company Overview

January 2003.

170600,78 Nayman street, Kuigan Yar village , Andijan region , Uzbekistan.

32420 m2.

6640 m2.

The main production area number 1: Located in the Andijan region, settlement Harkop. - The total area of 32420 m2, including: - Production area of 6640 m2 production area number 2: Located in the Andijan region, settlement Kuigan Eure. - The total area of 13466 m2, including: - Production area of 2274 m2

Quality Management System

The internal laboratory of the company is equipped with equipment and instrumentation testing of products for monitoring compliance and quality standards.

LLC JV "Uz-Metertech Company" Certifitsirovana ISO 9001: 2009, ISO / TS 16949: 2009. Standards-based quality management system is regularly assessed that serves the continuous improvement of the company.